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Dublin, Ireland’s Fair City

Dublin, Ireland’s Fair City

Dublin is one of the most exhilarating tourist destinations in the world. But it offers a lot more than just the extreme. Below are some of the most interesting reasons to check out Dublin. And don’t forget to get the Dublin Travel Guide and Offline City Map & Metro when you do.

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The Forty Foot

The Forty Foot is one of Dublin’s traditional bathing pools is also the city’s most iconic attraction. It is a rocky plateau projecting into the Irish Sea. The clean deep waters of this swimming hole have been providing thrill and enjoyment to locals and tourists for more than 250 years. Just remember that it is not for everybody. The waters are frigid and there are no lifeguards. Jumping from the rocks is discouraged by not prohibited.

Mass-participation Events

Dublin holds several mass-participation events each year. The most popular of these events are the Great Dublin Bike Ride held in September and the Dublin Marathon held in October. Several thousands of people participate in each of these two events each year. They provide an opportunity for adventurers and fitness enthusiasts to meet and mingle with other likeminded people.


The 10-day Audi Dublin International Film Festival 10-day is the event film buffs and movie nerds from all over the country are looking forward to the most. Numerous premiers, previews, and Q&A sessions happen in each of the 10 days. Prominent local and international celebrities grace the event. The highlight happens in the last few days when the audience is given the chance to see upcoming films several months before their scheduled released dates.

St Patrick’s Festival

Dublin is the true home of St Patrick’s Day. It is a national celebration of identity, arts, and culture during which the best of the best of local and international talents are honored with a slew of festivities. There is always something to look forward to when it comes to Dublin’s celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The city ups the ante each year so even regular visitors don’t know what to expect.

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Brussels, the Center of European Culture and Institutions

Brussels, the Center of European Culture and Institutions

Brussels is one of the finest hidden gems in the European Union. It may not be as popular a destination as the more renowned cities in the continent but it is still worth checking out. Here are the reasons why. Download and install the Brussels Travel Guide and Offline City Map before your visit.

The Markets

Your experience of visiting this busy city won’t be complete if you don’t check out the markets. Anderlecht district’s Clemenceau market is the noisiest and most hectic food market in Brussels where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, different kinds of cheeses, olives, and other food items. The Place du Jeu de Balle flea market is a tourist favorite. In it you’ll find all sorts of antique items and various kinds of art pieces, books, jewelry, interior design items, and more.

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The Parks

Brussels has a plethora of interesting and varied parks. The Jean-Felix Hap’s garden is perfect for those who just want to have some peace and quiet. It is the ideal spot for those who just want to be alone. Parc du Cinquantenaire is a bigger and more crowded park. It has several playgrounds for kids and sporting squares where teens and adults can play sports such as badminton. You can even find a triumphal arch, a car museum, an art, museum, and a history museum in the center of the park. If you just want to enjoy nature then you should check out the Bois de la Cambre. It is a massive park with a lovely lake that has an island at the center.

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The Cafés

Brussels is home to numerous great cafés. Ixelles district’s Café Belga is famous for its live music. When the weather is good, the café doors and windows open to give customers an unobstructed view of the outside. Its bestsellers are Belgian beer and peppermint tea. Borgval Street’s Café Central is the most sought-after establishment during weekends when DJs and other live acts perform for the customers. Its bestsellers are its fries and waffles.

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Lyon, the Gastronomic Capital of France

Lyon, the Gastronomic Capital of France

Lyon is one of the emerging destinations in France. It offers numerous attractions several times more affordable than those in Paris. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Lyon instead of the more popular French cities. Download the Lyon Travel Guide and Offline City Map to help you prepare for your visit.

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No Hassle

Lyon is not a busy city and not many tourists visit it either. Visiting it will make you feel as if everything the city has to offer is exclusively for you. There are no waiting lines on attractions, getting a cab is fast, there is no traffic, etc. You can also just walk from one part of the city to another if you want to soak in the view and feel of locale. If you want a hassle-free vacation in France, this city is exactly what you are looking for.


The cost of living in Lyon is nearly 40% cheaper compared to the cost of living in Paris. Everything in Lyon is cheaper than in most French cities, especially the rent. If you want a long vacation in France without burning all your savings then this is the place to go.


Lyon is the gastronomical capital of France for a reason. It offers the finest and most varied cuisine in the country. If you want to taste as many authentic French dishes and food items as possible, this is the place to be. The city is located in an area where the finest ingredients in the region pass through. The city also lies between two of the largest wine producing regions in France. To top it all off, there are 17 restaurants in Lyon that hold Michelin stars.

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Lyon’s Old City is one of the largest intact Renaissance districts in Europe while Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) is the second largest intact Renaissance neighborhood in Europe. Old Lyon is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other notable Gothic and Renaissance buildings and structures can be found all around the city.

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Santiago, de Chile, One of the Cleanest and Safest in South America

Santiago, de Chile, One of the Cleanest and Safest in South America

Santiago, de Chile is located between the Andes and the Pacific which makes it a paradise for those who love outdoor activities such as trekking, climbing, skiing, and sunbathing. Even those who don’t like exerting themselves can still have a blast by participating in wine tasting or just strolling around appreciating art or even just idling in one of the cafes. Here are a few particular reasons to come to Santiago, de Chile. Know more through the Santiago de Chile Travel Guide and Offline Map.

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Cultural Centers

Wandering the streets of Santiago is often enough to satisfy your hunger for good art. But even if you prefer not to stay exposed to the heat of the sun while appreciating art, you can still get your fill of good art through the numerous cultural centers scattered around the city. The most popular cultural center in the city is the one located underneath the Palacio de La Moneda where you can view a compact exhibit on the art and music of Violeta Parra, one of the country’s most beloved folk singers and artists. Other notable cultural centers include the ones at the Estacion Mapocho and Matucana 100.

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Parque Quinta Normal

The Quinta Normal Park is an urban park located at the Quinta district of Santiago. It offers luscious maze of greenery and over half a dozen museums, most notable of which are the Museo de la Memoria and the kid-friendly Museo de Historia National. It is the best place in the city to take an early morning jog or an afternoon stroll. You can also go on a relaxing paddle boat ride.

Brasil and Yungay

Near the city of Santiago are the neighboring barrios of Brasil and Yungay. Most of Santiago has already been modernized so if you want to have a look of what a traditional Chilean village looks like, the best way to do so is to take a short ride to the barrios of Brasil or Yungay. These two barrios are home to a plethora of imaginative graffiti murals and artistic benches.

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Bogotá, the Next Buenos Aires

Bogotá, the Next Buenos Aires

Bogotá is the ‘Next Big Thing’ when it comes to tourist destinations in Colombia. In fact, a lot of people are already calling it the next Buenos Aires. Here are three powerful reasons why you should consider Bogotá as your next destination. And to make sure you make the most out of your vacation, download the Bogotá Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.

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Lots of Rich People

Having plenty of rich people in the locality has certain advantages for tourists. For one, more high-end activities become available, at a cost significantly lower compared to home. There are also more modern establishments such as huge shopping malls. You also get to enjoy the availability of current gen gadgets on stores as well as the services of modern innovations such as Wi-Fi.

Unpopular to Tourists

The Colombian national brand has a bad reputation internationally mainly due to the country’s image of having a huge drug cartel problem. And as Columbia’s capital, Bogotá is often viewed by tourists as the most dangerous. The truth is, Bogotá has turned things around in the past several years. It is now a lot safer compared to the other major cities in the country. Its lack of popularity is a huge advantage for the few tourists who visit it. They get to enjoy low prices and don’t have to line up to get the best amenities. And since they don’t get many tourists, the establishments you visit will treat you like kings.

Complex and Exciting

Bogotá is a complicated and unpredictable city. It is a place where the old and the new mix together. Its colonial core, Candelaria, is its most famous area. Candelaria houses the city’s largest museums and oldest and largest churches as well as its largest restaurants and tourist shops. Candelaria has enough attractions to keep you entertained for days. You might also be surprised at how modern the city’s infrastructure is. The past two mayors of the city has placed statewide development and renewal as the top priority.

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