Istanbul is the cultural hub of Turkey’s extremely diverse heritage. Below are some of the reasons that make visiting Istanbul such a refreshing experience. And as always, make sure you have our Istanbul Travel Guide and Offline City Street Map downloaded and installed to help you make your way through the amazing city.

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Turkish Baths

Hamams (bathhouses) play an important role in Turkey’s history. Hamans were first built centuries ago by the Ottoman Empire to serve as both places of worship and communal centers. Today, they are the country’s leading therapeutic establishments. There are more than 200 hamans in turkey and some of the best ones are found in Istanbul. Go check them out and you’ll likely to never think of bathhouses the same way again.

Turkish Food

The local food is something you should not miss when visiting Istanbul. The city offers the widest variety of kebab you’ve ever seen and the unique sweetness of Turkish delights will definitely brighten your day. Visit one of numerous docked boat shops buy some fresh Balik Ekmek, a kind of fish sandwich. Match it off with some warm Simit bread and a cold Ayran yogurt drink and your meal is complete.

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Local Nightlife

More than 80% of Turks avoid common vices like smoking and drinking but they really love to party. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be enough taverns and nightclubs to accommodate them all. Everyone, even the government, supports the city’s lively nightlife. It even holds an event called Club To Club Istanbul several times each year. During the event, participants visit a series of participating nightclubs all throughout the night. It’s the dream even for people who love club-hopping.


Top 100 DJ World Tour

The arena-scale dance music event DJ Mag Top 100 DJs World Tour makes regular stops at Istanbul. It brings the most recognizable DJs in the world right at the city center. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Fedde Le Grand are just some of the big names that have performed in Istanbul nightclubs at least once.


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