Sicily, the largest of Italy’s islands, is rich in natural wonders and cultural treasures. It has great weather and great food. Here are the primary reasons why you should make Sicily your next target destination. And as always, prepare by downloading the Sicily Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.

Mediterranean Beaches

The shores of Sicily house some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, supplemented by the wonderful weather. Anytime from May to October is a prime time to visit any of Sicily’s 280 beaches. The Western Coast is the favorite of tourists. Villas just 5 minutes away from the shore can be rented at quite an affordable price.

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Incredible History

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in and near Sicily, and each one features vivid architecture from various time periods. The most prominent of these sites are as follows:

·         Ragusa – an ancient city located at the southern tip of Sicily, clinging to a steep hillside. It offers incredible views of the island and features romantic winding streets, cobbled walk ways, historic churches, and medieval buildings.

·         Syracuse – a well-preserved historic site that is home to a weird mix of old medieval houses and new modern ones. It was once a major city of the Greek empire which is still evident in the numerous ancient Greek ruins scattered all around the city.

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Food and Wine

Sicily is a paradise when it comes to exquisite food and authentic wine. All the ingredients come from local farms and wineries which guarantees their freshness. Wherever you eat on the island, the food and wine is guaranteed to be amazing. The island and its regions have their own local specialty dishes the most popular of which is Cannoli (Italian for ‘little tube’). Cannoli is the most coveted dessert in Sicily and one of the most popular in Italy. Its main ingredient is the delectable sugary vanilla ricotta cheese. Sicily Cannoli is special since it is guaranteed to have the magic ingredient Succade (candid citrus fruit peel).

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