Pompeii was once the largest, richest, and most majestic cities in the Roman era, until disaster struck and reduced it to ruins. Vesuvius’ maiden eruption in ’79 AD covered the entire city under volcanic dust. Today, Pompeii has become one of the most famous ruins in the world. Here are a few reasons why you should add Pompeii in your travel bucket list. And remember to download the Pompeii Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map for an easier and more pleasant vacation.

Pompeii Travel Guide

The Shrine of Pompeii

Thousands of believers headed by Bartolo Longo undertook a massive fundraising to gather funds for the construction of the Shrine of Pompeii. Antonio Cua led the construction for free in the 1876. The structure has been expanded several times through the centuries due to the rapidly growing number of visitors. Today, more than 6 million pilgrims visit the site each year to pay their respects and participate in the prayer to Virgin Mary of Pompeii. The prayer is also broadcast by radio and television all over the world for the millions of believers who cannot come.

The Forum of Pompeii

The Forum was the heart of Pompeii. It was its economic, political, and religious center. It was also where all important religious events were carried out. At the center of its square lied the most important ancient religious site in the city, the Temple of Apollo. The temple used to house several statues of Roman gods all of which were transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

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The Lupanar of Pompeii

The people of Pompeii were never shy to show their love of the pleasures of the flesh. Many houses in the city had secret rooms where slaves were pimped by their masters at quite a cheap price of two to eight assi which was equivalent to the price of one to four glasses of wine. The Lupanar was built specifically to serve as the city’s whorehouse. This gigantic brothel had two floors, the ground floor for masters and the second floor for commoners. The walls were lined with paintings and sculptures depicting voracious lovers.

The ruins of Pompeii are massive so make sure you bring a map with you. Get offline maps and travel guides from your trusty companion eTips.