Edinburgh may not be popular to Americans but it is quite revered by people in the United Kingdom. In fact, it has topped The Guardian’s Favorite UK Cities list for 11 consecutive years now. Below are the top 3 reasons that make this wondrous city such a draw. And when you do visit it, make sure you have our handy Edinburgh Travel Guide & Offline Map and City Tour downloaded on your mobile device.

Edinburgh Castle

Who weren’t fascinated by castles when they were kids? You can make your childhood dream of being inside a majestic castle by visiting the Edinburgh Castle. It houses several museums, a few old prisons, and a Royal Palace where some of the oldest British crown jewels are exhibited. The castle itself is an architectural wonder. Just walk around and you’ll find something that will amaze you at every corner.

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Crazy Festivals

Edinburgh holds insane festivals all year round and the city folk go all out in celebrating them. The Mela Festival celebrates all the international cultures and cuisines that have influenced it. The city’s most notable festival, however, is the Fringe Festival which is acknowledged as the largest art festival in the world. Most of the festival’s events can be accessed for free though tickets are required for the premium ones. The Fringe Festival sells over 2 million tickets each year.

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Scotland is known to have one of the largest New Year celebrations in the world in which thousands of people participate in massive New Year street party. Carnivals and festivals are held 24/7 for the week before and ever New Year. In these two weeks of festivities, Edinburgh holds the Blogmanay competition in which 5 different dog sledding breeds are pitted against each other in races and other events.

There are plenty of other reasons that make Edinburgh an awesome tourist destination. To know more about places that should be in your travel bucket list, check out eTips. eTips is your trusty companion that helps make your travels easier and safer.