Porto is often overshadowed by Lisbon. When one thinks of a Portuguese city Lisbon is often the one that comes to mind. Though lesser known, there are several reasons why Porto is still worth your time. And to make sure you don’t get lost while exploring this wonderful city, download the Porto Travel Guide and Offline City Map.

Easy Transportation

Porto reinvented itself at the start of the New Millennium with much focus in modernizing its public transportation system. In addition to its subway and buses, people can now opt to travel around the city aboard trams. If you prefer to travel by river, there are numerous locations where you can get on a gondola.

Low Prices

Portugal is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe and Porto is one of Portugal’s cheapest cities. If you want to treat your entire family on a vacation without getting broke, this is definitely the place to go. Everything from food, lodging, and even clothes and souvenirs are affordable.

Museums and Galleries

Porto has numerous museums and art galleries most of which are home to world-class contemporary art. But if you only have time to visit one, we recommend the Museu da Imprensa.


The Douro River

A cruise up the majestic Douro River will definitely be a highlight of your stay in the city. The cruise will provide you with a different view of Porto. Watching the sun set from a cruise ship is sure to make your jaw drop in awe.

The Delicious Port

The Port of Porto is not only beautiful; it also has a huge wine cellar housing a wide variety of wine. Best part is, tourists are allowed to have a free taste of most of those wines. Go and sample as many as you want so you know which one best suits your taste buds.

Fabulous Wines

Of course, the free taste at the port won’t be enough. You can get your fill in one of the many wine shops in the city. The Douro Valley is world around the world for its exquisite wine, thanks mostly to the Valley’s rich soil. Don’t forget to try Green Wine. It is produced exclusively in Porto.


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