Travel Guides

Our Travel Guides offers a comprehensive destination X. Most of them are arranged into the days you take to visit it, tailoring the destination to your travel length. Once downloaded they don´t depend on being inside the grid, they are 100% offline, and that means no roaming costs when traveling. The range we offer for destinations covers from city, regions, countries, museums, temples, parks and any point of interest a traveler desires to explore.

Trip Guider

Trip Guider apps are catch-em-all guides, meaning that they offer a single point of search for a traveler. Within the app the traveler may find any destination he wants and doesn´t have to download single apps for each destination he wants to discover.

Watch Apps

Usually a traveler wonders about what is he staring at, what’s that building, park, monument…you name it. And also wants to get the most out of his location. Having a bps-enabled phone, that understands about your location, it has to never let the traveler miss a thing around him.


Apps are cool, but we also think on readers. Fancy a book about your destination?, we have it. We have expanded our offer to fit the readers need in an electronic way: eBooks.


Museum tailored guides. Practical info, floor plants, directions, planning on visiting sections and must-sees.

Places of Interest

Parks, temples, cathedrals, monuments, castles. Opening hours, directions, must-sees and references.