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Places To Go

It’s a new city for you, just relax. Our travel guides will get you where you need. Places2Go bring you the best options to eat, sleep, shop, party and much more so you don’t miss anything.

Offline Maps

Don’t be afraid to wander around, take that walk, do that detour!. Our offline maps won’t let you get lost. 100% offline so you don’t have to worry about your phone bill. Offline maps with great features and details.

Metro Routing System

All major cities have a Metro System and it’s very useful to get around. You must try it wherever you go. eTips’ metro map for iPhone & iPad are 100% offline so you don’t need an internet connection to find out your next stop.

Augmented Reality

What’s that? The museum is in which direction? Which restaurants are nearby? What I am staring at? Just point your camera to where you wonder and let AR for iPhone and iPad Travel Guides answer you.