We do like tools. They let us grow and improve. We have developed an in-house technology that makes our days!

App publishing platform based on a travel-driven content management service. Enhanced for localisation and regionalisation. It lets content developer focus on the content essentials and don´t deal with technical details for publishing.

Apps are connected between them…how do we update their content?, how do they get noticed about it?. That’s what AppControl addresses. Within each app we can link it with other related ones. Really helps for the curious and eager-to-know traveller!

Each traveler has different needs and interests. How do we fit all needs?. AppPromote does that. We can add more promotions and cross-related content to each one of our apps. In that way we can suggest travellers with our latest releases.

Ocean is huge, we, eye candy fishes know that.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.11.43 PM

We like to be noticed. Cross promoting involves item selling within apps, but how do people discover us?. That is what AppDiscovery does, we have built a fantastic way to get organic customers within all our apps within all regions of the App Store in all languages.