Market Activity has been real important to us. We strongly believe that is from were our users express themselves. As we are bootstrapped we have learnt to always keep an eye on it.

From Paid to Freemium
Since our beginnings, Sep 2009, we have sold every app that we’ve made, and that’s how we grew. We do believe in lean business models, and that kept us trying different ideas. We have discovered better opportunities from freemium model and since Nov 2014, we have switched to a 100% freemium one. Among its benefits:

  • new markets discoveries
  • new demographics discoveries
  • broader user-driven product development

A/B testing taught us a lot, and it keeps doing so. Our conversion rates grew from 3% to 30% at some cases. We’ve also learned to streamline our production system with that on mind.

Our top 25 apps range from 40 to 160 active users/second, 3k to 8k sessions/month, and 750 to 3.5k new monthly users.