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Irresistible Reasons to Visit Hawaii, an Isolated Volcanic Archipelago

Irresistible Reasons to Visit Hawaii, an Isolated Volcanic Archipelago

Aloha! Hawaii is included in almost everyone’s vacation bucket list. It is considered by many as the best place to relax and unwind thanks to its dazzling scenery, captivating beaches, and endless variety of fun activities. Below are some of the incredible reasons that make Hawaii a must-see destination. Also check out this Hawaii Travel Guide with Offline Map, GPS & Tours, it will definitely be of good use for your travel.

The Beaches

A gorgeous beach is the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Hawaii. The archipelago has an overabundance of beaches. Each island has its own famous beach with Oahu’s Waikiki being the most popular. Waikiki was initially developed as a leisure and surfing spot for Hawaiian royalty. Today, it is a paradise for tourists thanks to its majestic Beach Walk, world-class shopping malls, luxury hotels, fine dining options, daily events, and interesting culture.

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Hawaii also prides itself with having several of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. As with all volcanic land formations, each Hawaiian island is lush with rainforest vegetation making the trek to the waterfall a truly magical experience. One of the archipelago’s most notable waterfalls is the Maui Waterfalls. The island of Maui is also referred to as the ‘Magic Isle’ because of how rural it feels compared to the other islands. It is the ideal place for a romantic getaway for two.


Hawaii Water Activities

Almost every kind of water activity is available in Hawaii. You name it; at least one of the Hawaiian Islands has it whether it is surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, paddle boarding, etc. You can also get on a yacht for a Na Pali Coast. If you want to try something new, you can get a ticket for the underwater cruise aboard the Atlantis Submarine in Maui.



Some of the world’s most fascinating volcanoes can be found in Hawaii. The archipelago’s most prominent volcanoes include:

·         Kilauea – the world’s most active volcano. This is located in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

·         Haleakala – one of the world’s largest dormant volcanoes. This can be found in the Haleakala National Park in Maui.

·         Diamond Head – a volcano in Oahu which is a part of the Honolulu Volcanic Series.

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