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Three Reason Why People Can Never Have Enough of Chiang Mai

Three Reason Why People Can Never Have Enough of Chiang Mai

Calm, blissful, and laid-back are three words that would come to mind when arriving in Chiang Mia. The former seat of the Lanna kingdom is a stark contrast to the busy and bustling Bangkok. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful city that is still firmly Thai in its atmosphere and attitude. Don’t forget to download the Chiang Mai Travel Guide and Offline Map.

1.     Lanna Folk Life Museum

Located inside the Thai-colonial-style former Provincial Court, this imaginative museum dates back from 1935. It recreates Lanna village life in a series of life-size dioramas that explain everything from lai krahm pottery stenciling and fon lep—a mystical Lanna dance that features long metal fingernails. You’ll also find the intricate symbolism of different elements of Lanna-style monasteries.

2.     Wat U Mong

This historic forest Wat is famed for its sylvan setting and its ancient chedi. The Wat is located above a brick platform wormholed with passageways built around 1380. As you wander through the arched tunnels, you can catch a glimpse of the original murals and several venerated Buddha images. The forest around the platform is scattered with centuries’ worth of broken Buddha images.

3.     Chiang Mai Warorot

There’s no better way to know a South East Asian city better than exploring its public markets. Chiang Mai’s oldest public market, Warorot is a great place to connect with the city’s Thai soul. It’s easy to get lost and spend an easy half a day wandering its walkways, watching locals, and haggling for goods. Historically, most of the farm produce was delivered by boat thus the market is located by the river of Mae Ping.

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Culturally Emersion Through Thailand’s Temples

Culturally Emersion Through Thailand’s Temples

Thailand’s vibrancy manifests itself in every corner of the country. From the scenery and art to its culture and people, you will be left awestruck from the moment you step off the plane. The country of smiles is more than just bustling Bangkok and pristine beaches, it’s a place of culture that’s deeply rooted to religion. And what better way to get to know Thailand than exploring its numerous, beautifully crafted temples? Download the Thailand Travel Guide and Offline Map to get started on your journey!

1.     Wat Pho

Among Bangkok’s famous sights, Wat Pho has gained its due fame from its gigantic Reclining Buddha. This temples has made a name for itself by collecting a handful of superlatives: the city’s largest reclining Buddha, the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, and the country’s earliest center for public education.

2.     Wat Phra Kaew

Bangkok’s biggest tourist attraction and a pilgrimage destination for devout Buddhists and nationalists. This architecturally awe-inspiring temple is the spiritual core of Thai Buddhism and the monarchy, which houses the country’s most holy image, the Emerald Buddha. Attached to the temple complex is the Grand Palace, the former royal residence, once a sealed city of intricate ritual and social satisfaction.

3.     Wat Phumin

Located in Nan Province, bordering Laos, is Nan’s most famous Buddhist temple. It is adorned with exquisite murals that were done during the late 19th century by a Thai Lü artist named Thit Buaphan. The ornate altar in the centre of the bòht has four sides, with four Sukhothai-style sitting Buddhas facing in each direction.

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Bangkok Temples and more – You will be in awe!

Bangkok Temples and more – You will be in awe!

As the Asia’s backpacking capital, also known as the Banana Pancake Trail, because of the many stalls selling banana cakes within the cities along the trail. Bangkok is a commercial and economic center of Thailand. It can be a difficult city to navigate for single travelers, but if you get yourself familiarize with the transportation system, and a comfortable hotel around then you'll easily tour the city's sights on your own. It's a fascinating yet chaotic place, brimming with sights, thrills, people, cultures, noise and bedlam.It’s fun visiting the place and here are some things for you to know before going there:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak market is a famous weekend market in the Northern Bangkok. It's quite easy to find thru public transportation. It's a huge market that you really can find anything you’re looking for, along with many things you never knew you wanted!

Rooftop Bar

There are about 20 stunning rooftop bars in the city. And don’t ever miss the fun of visiting some, some of these bars are chilled out areas, some are simple tourist areas matched with sceneries around the city, yet a few more are hidden with a local crowd.

Chao Phraya River

With its low alluvial plain forming the center of the country, this river played a key role in attracting tourists from all over. There are numerous ways to experience the river, with many boats that tour in Bangkok’s prominent temples.

Discover Chao Phraya River
Discover Chao Phraya River

Floating Market

There’s not just one, but 5 floating markets that every traveler has to visit. Most in these market places offer fruits, vegetables, snacks and sweets. The most popular tourist floating market in Thailand is Damnoen Saduak, great for picture taking, food variances, and such an attractive place to witness the traditional way of selling and buying things. A must try is the sticky mango rice! Yum!

Visit Bangkok Floating Market
Visit Bangkok Floating Market


Splendid temples are just around the city that serves as religious dwellings, your tour will NOT be complete without seeing the magnificent infrastructures built in the historic center, located on the East bank of the Chao Phraya river. Most temples were built by Kings of the Chakri dynasty and some contain the ashes of former Chakri Kings. To name some of these temples are: Wat Phrao Kaeo Bangkok, Wat Benchamabophit White Marble Wat, and Wat Phrao Kaeo Bangkok.

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