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5 Reasons to Visit Stuttgart, One of the Most Beautiful Places in Germany

5 Reasons to Visit Stuttgart, One of the Most Beautiful Places in Germany

German humanist Ulrich von Hutten once said that Stuttgart is the name the Swabian people gave to paradise on Earth. In many ways, this city on the Neckar has retained much of its appeal and is still considered one of the top tourist destinations in Germany. Below are 5 reasons why you should visit Stuttgart. For more information you can also use our Stuttgart Travel Guide and Offline City Map!

Structural Marvels

Stuttgart has been around since the early 10th century. Its numerous historic buildings are definitely a sight to behold. You can take a look at some of the hundred year-old structures and compare them with recently built ones. Here are but a few of the awe-inspiring structures located in this beautiful city.

  • Solitude Palace - Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg’s hunting lodge that was built in the 18th
  • Wilhelmla – built on the grounds of a historic castle, it is the second largest zoo and botanical garden in Germany that houses over 11,500 animals.
  • Stuttgart’s Municipal Library – built in the 21st century, it is one of the most advanced libraries in the world.
  • Stuttgart Train Station – has a viewing platform that gives a panoramic view of the city.
WOW! Stuttgart Library (Stadtbiliothek Stuttgart)
WOW! Stuttgart Library (Stadtbiliothek Stuttgart)

Local Delicacies

Many tourists revisit Stuttgart just to have another taste of its unique cuisine. The Spätzle (soft egg noodle) is an all-time favorite and you should not leave without tasting it at least once. The Markthalle market also sells almost every delicacy to be found in the country while several restaurants in the suburbs will allow you to have a sip of Amber Ale and original German beer.

Porsche Factory

You can purchase a Porsche directly from the Stuttgart Porsche factory at a significantly discounted rate. Buyers are also offered a 3-course meal at the Porsche casino, a tour of the Porsche museum, and a showcase of the upcoming new models.

Visit the luxury Porsche Factory in Stuttgart
Visit the luxury Porsche Factory in Stuttgart

The Black Forest

Baden-Württemberg is where the most famous cake in Germany, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (known by the rest of the world as Black Forest), originated. Going to one of the bake shops is the only way to have a taste of the original recipe. Most of the towns in the area are also full of houses that still retain their pre-20th century look.


Another reason to visit Stuttgart is its seasonal festivals. The most famous one is the Weindorf festival which is all about booze drinking. Another is the Long Night of the Museums where you can bask in the rich culture of Germany.

Don’t be content with just reading about it, start making your plans to visit Stuttgart. You will definitely have a blast. Have more knowledge about your next travel by checking out eTips!