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Beijing, China’s Political, Economic, and Cultural center

Beijing, China’s Political, Economic, and Cultural center

Beijing was one of the world's great ancient capitals and today it is home to some of the finest remnants of China's imperial past. It is also known as a city of reinvention, undergoing several major changes to keep up with modern times without losing its identity. Below are some amazing reasons to go to Beijing. Beijing is a massive city so make sure you have the Beijing Travel Guide and Offline City Map & Metro.

Palaces of the Emperors

Beijing has been around for almost 3 millennia and it has been witness to three powerful dynasties that reigned over China. It’s been home to 34 emperors many of which ordered the construction of their own palaces, vacation houses, and other structures to serve as their legacy. Many such cultural sites from the Summer Palace to the Ming Tombs remain in good condition and serve as reminders of China’s rich culture and history.

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Old Beijing

Most of Beijing has been modernized but remnants of the Old Beijing still exist the most popular of which is the world famous Peking Opera. Another must-see is the Hutong and Quadrangle. Also scattered all across the city are temples and traditional teahouses. Comparing the New Beijing with the Old Beijing will definitely deepen your understanding the effects of modernization.

Magnificent Sites

There are numerous world famous attractions in Beijing with many of them included in various must-see destinations lists. As a matter of fact, the humongous city has too many locations worthy of your time exploring them all in one visit is practically impossible. To name a few:

·         The Forbidden City – home to the Imperial Palace Complex which is one of the most popular and best preserved ancient sites in the world.

·         Tiananmen Square - the largest city square in the world.

·         The Great Wall – a World Heritage Site and also one of the Eight Wonders of the World.

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4.      Traditional Cuisine

Beijing is the hub of China. Not only is it the best place to taste authentic Chinese food, it is also where you can find a wide variety of foreign cuisines and all kinds of exotic flavors. The city was home to royalty and many of the famous local dishes were once served as part of imperial cuisine.

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