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More Reasons to Visit Seville, the Home of 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

More Reasons to Visit Seville, the Home of 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites alone are enough to compel most people to visit Seville. First of the three sites is the majestic Alcázar Cathedral holds the tombs of Ferdinand III and Christopher Columbus. Next is the General Archive of the Indies houses important documents about the colonization of the Americas. Last is the Doñana National Park that is one of the largest heronries in the Mediterranean region and is home to more than half a million water fowl during the winter season. Below are even more reasons to Visit Seville. To make navigating through the various attractions easier, make sure you have a Seville Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.


1.      Sunshine

The weather in Seville is pleasantly sunny. Even when it rains the sun will pop up immediately after. This makes exploring the many going from one part of the city to another even more enjoyable. If you want you can spend hours just roaming around and checking the ancient designs of the houses and buildings.

2.      Tapas

Some of the best tapas in the world are served in Seville. Almost every restaurant in the city has them in the menu. There are so many different kinds of tapa dishes available you can eat only tapas during your stay and you won’t feel saturated. This is the tapa lover’s paradise if there was one.


3.      Bizarre Architecture

The city of Seville is ancient. Some of its structures were built several hundred years ago which makes them appear strange today. There are numerous buildings and statues that look like they are not even from Earth at all. The Alamillo Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava is probably the most notable among these peculiar structures.

4.      Nightlife

The nightlife in Seville is amazing. Most establishments open early and close really late; some of them don’t even close at all. The bars are hip and serve authentic Spanish food and Spanish booze. One of the most popular bars in the city is the La Bicicleteria that is open 7 days a week.

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