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Los Angeles, the Movie Capital of the World

Los Angeles, the Movie Capital of the World

Los Angeles is a city that is a mainstay in countless must-see destinations lists. It is a city where the chance of encountering a celebrity in some way is extremely high. It is also popular for its numerous red carpet events and of course the infamous Hollywood nightlife. It is also a city of rich culture, historical sites, prime fashion, and jaw dropping scenery. Check out this Los Angeles Travel Guide and Offline City Map L.A. to know more. Below are the most compelling reasons to go to L.A.


Disneyland is the dream destination of most kids from all around the world. But do remember that it is not just for kids; this massive theme park was designed and built for the whole family. It houses amazing theme rides and presents incredible shows. It also offers luxury accommodations, spa treatments, and fine dining.

 Catalina Island

Catalina is an exotic island where you can explore nature at its finest. It has clear blue waters that are perfect for all kinds of water activities such as diving, snorkeling, sea trekking, and kayaking. If you are more of a landlubber, the mountainous island is a great spot for parasailing, zip lining, hiking, and biking. You can also go take and easy and rent binoculars and spy on the wildlife, especially the buffalos. You may also take part in a semi-submersible tour or rent a glass bottom boat so you can watch marine life on their natural habitat. And of course, the island has its own slew of shops and restaurants.

Catalina Island. Travel to Los Angeles with eTips Travel Guide


Hollywood Walk of Fame

Take a stroll through the most famous sidewalk in the world. The Hollywood Walk of Fame houses over 2,500 stars, each one honoring a celebrity of music, television, film, or theater, both living and dead. You can also schedule your visit to Los Angeles to coincide with the annual Walk of Fame Induction Ceremonies. The event is free so there is no reason to miss it.

 30 Miles of Public Beaches

30 out of the 72 miles of Los Angeles’ coastline is made up of beaches accessible to the public. Most agree that the best route is starting at Manhattan Beach and journeying through PCH, Venice, and Santa Monica until you finally arrive all the way up to Malibu. If you have your lunch in Manhattan, you will arrive at Malibu right on time for dinner.

Los Angeles Travel Guide. Los Angeles Beaches


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