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Visit Japan, Where the Modern Meets the Old

Visit Japan, Where the Modern Meets the Old

Japan may be in the technological forefront, but amidst all the sky rises and modern technology is one of the countries who has kept their culture and traditions intact. Timeless would be the perfect way to describe this beautiful country full of breathtaking countryside views. Take a trip outside Tokyo and you'll soon discover exactly what we mean. From traditional bathhouses and geisha dances to sleeping in old farmhouses and learning to prepare matcha (powdered green tea) there is much to Japan than meets the eye. Download the Japan Travel Guide and Offline Map and start your cultural trip!

1.     Tokyo

Strolling down Tokyo's bustling streets you'd think you were transported into a sci-fi film set. It's neon lights, sky rises, and edgy designer boutiques are the makers of its futuristic vibe. Visit the world's tallest tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree's twisting spire draws inspiration from ancient building techniques making it an exemplary example of how Japan seamlessly mixes the old and the new together. Tokyo may be the forefront of advancement, but its traditions still stay strong, whether it be witnessing sumo tournaments or relaxing under cherry blossom trees.

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2.      Kyoto

Kyoto is Japans hub for traditional architecture and culture. With 2,000 something temples and shrines and stunning Zen gardens, it is your gateway to whole new level spiritual relaxation. As the cultural capital of the country it comes to no surprise that many traditional arts and crafts still live long in Kyoto. From sublime gardens to traditional teahouse and even geishas about, this place really takes you back in time to old Japan.

3.     Cherry-Blossom Viewing

In early April, people from all over the world visit Japan solely for cherry-blossom viewing. One of the most popular parks for locals and tourists alike is Maruyama-kōen. There's plenty of strolling to be done around its gardens and ponds and if you're ever in need of a drink or meal it has restaurants and even souvenir shops abound. For two weeks in early April expect hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) parties under the trees.

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Kyoto, Japan’s Second City

Kyoto, Japan’s Second City

Kyoto, Japan’s second city, is described by many as the opposite of Tokyo, the country’s first city. While Tokyo is vibrant and modern, Kyoto has remained serene and traditional throughout the centuries. Below are some of the many reasons why you should visit this city known as the heart of Japanese culture. And don’t forget to have your Kyoto Travel Guide and Offline City Street Map ready.

Historic Temples and Shrines

Kyoto has an overabundance of temples having more than 1,600 Zen, Shinto, and Buddhist temples and shrines. Visiting them all is impossible so here are the ones you definitely should not miss:

·         Fushimi-Inari Shrine Complex – founded in 711 A.D., this site is the quintessential representative of ancient Japan. Walking along the slightly uphill path lined up by thousands of red lacquered gates is definitely an unforgettable experience. Visitors are also given the chance to take part in the Misogi water purification ritual before entering the temple complex.

·         Shunko-in Temple – built in 1590, it paves the way to Japanese Zen tradition. And its monks are quite modern. Its guestrooms have free Wi-Fi and the temple’s deputy monk even has a very active Twitter account @RevTakaZen. The lovely gardens in the temple provide the perfect atmosphere for contemplation.

·         Nanzen-ji Temple Complex – houses some of the most beautiful temple gardens in Kyoto such as the Nanzen-ji Head Gardens and the Leaping Tiger Garden.

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Spectacular Outdoor Spaces

There is beauty all around Kyoto. The city’s most popular activity happens at the beginning of spring. The Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) attracts thousands of tourists each year. Even if you miss out on the Hanami, there are still plenty of fun stuff to do in Kyoto even during the other seasons. All year round, you can take the Sagano Romantic Train and experience a jaw-dropping view of the Hozu River gorge. You can also visit in spring and view the hillsides that seem blazing with red thanks to hundreds of fiery maples. Then there is also the renowned Arashiyama bamboo forest where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of the greenery.

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Traditional Sake

Sake was being brewed and sold in Kyoto since early 16th century. There is no better place to get authentic sake than the source. The most popular Sake house in the city is the OZU Kyoto Maison du Sake located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It serves a wide variety of sake each one coming with a set of carefully chosen receptacles.

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Pack your things and say kon'nichiwa Tokyo, Japan!

Pack your things and say kon'nichiwa Tokyo, Japan!

Sit down and get to know our etips guide to have a smooth travel in one of the largest cities around the globe! It’s a pretty interesting place and you have to be prepared with all the fun-to-do things in this always on top destination among travelers. Our eTips guide will help you learn about some things with this bright and colourful city!

Cafe’s to visit

Hunt for the unusual yet fun places to relax in these themed cafés such as the robot restaurant, cat café, owl café, reptiles café, ninja, and the Alice in wonderland café. Yes, they are weird but you will surely enjoy every moment!

Foods to eat

You won’t regret to try eating the most popular foods cooked from the local. Try getting some Kushiyaki, Tonkatsu, Sushi, Tamagoyaki and their ever famous ramen.

Enjoy the exquisite Tokyo cuisine
Enjoy the exquisite Tokyo cuisine

Don Quijote

It’s a marketplace in Tokyo that is extremely busy and is where you will find almost everything you need from food, cosmetics, to gadgets. It’s open 24-hours a day, but the best time to visit is around 9 AM and 9 at night onwards.

Visit Tokyo, visit Asakusa
Visit Tokyo, visit Asakusa

Yoyogi Park

The most interesting, well lighted, and largest green area in Tokyo. It is located in Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo.There, you will find the Meiji shrine, which is a place for spiritual relazation, yoga or cleansing.


It’s a luxury and entertaining district which is the largest in Japan. Known to have huge establishments including brands from all over the world. You may want to spend your time in an outdoor café during your weekends or shop around the famous stores like Cartier, Apple, Uniqlo, Adidas, or Sanyo.

You’ll get a handful of things to do anywhere in Tokyo, and a week visit isn’t really enough to get into the places it is most proud of. Above details for first time travellers are highlights of what Tokyo can provide to your trip. It has always been one of the dream countries of travellers because of the people, culture, interesting boutiques, and many unforgettable sceneries. Check Tokyo Travel Guide and Offline City Map Support to remind yourself of our quick tips for Tokyo travellers!