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Reliving Your Childhood Dreams at Tokyo Disneyland

Reliving Your Childhood Dreams at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Park is the first Disney Park built outside of the US and opened on April 15, 1983. Modeled after the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park in California. Tokyo DisneySea is the second park at the resort. It opened on September 4, 2001 and is dubbed as the crown jewel of Disney Parks. It is also the 4th most visited theme park in the world. Planning your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort is an overwhelming experience so download the Tokyo Disneyland Travel Guide and Offline Map.

1. Dreamlights

Nighttime light parade a la SpectroMagic and the Main Street Electrical Parade. Dreamlights takes the light parade concept to the next level, and adds a couple of revolutionary floats to the mix, making Main Street Electrical Parade look antiquated by comparison. Dreamlights combines a great soundtrack with some plussed versions of the standard floats stateside guests are used to, and then throws some truly astonishing floats into the mix.

2. Minnie Oh! Minnie!

Live show featuring Latin music and dancers, as well as Disney characters. This is basically a high energy show with performers and other characters swooning over Minnie Mouse as a very loose plot (or perhaps ‘musical motif’ is better). The costuming is gorgeous, and the human performers are really talented. Choreography is great and the songs are really catchy.

3. Monster’s Inc. Ride & Go Seek

Interactive dark ride in which guests use flashlights to trigger effects and reveal monsters. Along with Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, this is the flagship attraction at Tokyo Disneyland. Reactions to Ride & Go Seek have been somewhat mixed, but we absolutely love it and consider it in the same caliber as Hunny Hunt. Its Audio Animatronics are advanced and lifelike (well, assuming a big blue monster is somehow “lifelike”), with very fluid motions. Sets are immersive and include a ton of detail.

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Kon'nichiwa! Visit Osaka, Japan’s Kitchen

Kon'nichiwa! Visit Osaka, Japan’s Kitchen

Osaka is Japan’s third most populated city. Though it takes a backseat to Tokyo and Kyoto when it comes to popularity with tourists, Osaka has its fair share of wonderful things it can offer. Here are a few reasons Osaka deserves a spot in your bucket list of places to visit. And for your convenience, don’t forget to download the Osaka Travel Guide and Offline City Map once you get there.

Best Food in Japan

Osaka was nicknamed The Nation’s Kitchen thanks to its status as Japan’s rice trade hub during the Edo Period. Today, it is known all over the country as the gourmand’s paradise with okonomiyaki as its most popular dish. Okonomiyaki which literally means ‘grilled as you like it’ is a flavorful version of Japanese pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and meat, and topped with a variety of condiments. The customer can customize it with a selection of meat, seafood, or noodles. Other staples include:

·         Kitsune udon - thick noodle soup blanketed by fried tofu

·         Hakozushi - sushi pressed flat in a bamboo box

·         Takoyaki - ball-shaped octopus fritters

·         Tessa -- sashimi made from poisonous fugu or globefish

Osaka Cuisine

Flashy and Warm at the Same Time

Osaka maintains a certain level of country charm in spite of having over 3 million residents. If you prefer a city atmosphere, check out the Namba department stores and compete with countless housewives in a bargaining battle. Come nightfall, you can go to the Umeda neighborhood and enjoy a dazzling nightlife. If you prefer a small-town vibe, there are numerous ethnic restaurants and traditional sushi shops scattered across the various districts and alleys.

Osaka Shopping

¥500 Blast from the Past

For a measly ¥500 ($4.50), you can enter the Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses in Osaka's Hattori Ryokuchi Park which houses 11 authentic farmhouses from the Edo period. These were originally located in various parts of the country, disassembled, brought to the park, and then reassembled.

Spa World

Spa World is referred to by locals as the amusement pool. It has various sections, each resembling a traditional spa from a certain location.the European Spa section houses baths inspired by Ancient Rome, Greece, Finland, and even Atlantis. The Asian Spa section contains baths inspired by Persia, Bali, and of course, Japan. Spa World also has its own salon, restaurant, and hotel. You gain full access to all amenities at just ¥2,700 ($24.30) per day.

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Pack your things and say kon'nichiwa Tokyo, Japan!

Pack your things and say kon'nichiwa Tokyo, Japan!

Sit down and get to know our etips guide to have a smooth travel in one of the largest cities around the globe! It’s a pretty interesting place and you have to be prepared with all the fun-to-do things in this always on top destination among travelers. Our eTips guide will help you learn about some things with this bright and colourful city!

Cafe’s to visit

Hunt for the unusual yet fun places to relax in these themed cafés such as the robot restaurant, cat café, owl café, reptiles café, ninja, and the Alice in wonderland café. Yes, they are weird but you will surely enjoy every moment!

Foods to eat

You won’t regret to try eating the most popular foods cooked from the local. Try getting some Kushiyaki, Tonkatsu, Sushi, Tamagoyaki and their ever famous ramen.

Enjoy the exquisite Tokyo cuisine
Enjoy the exquisite Tokyo cuisine

Don Quijote

It’s a marketplace in Tokyo that is extremely busy and is where you will find almost everything you need from food, cosmetics, to gadgets. It’s open 24-hours a day, but the best time to visit is around 9 AM and 9 at night onwards.

Visit Tokyo, visit Asakusa
Visit Tokyo, visit Asakusa

Yoyogi Park

The most interesting, well lighted, and largest green area in Tokyo. It is located in Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo.There, you will find the Meiji shrine, which is a place for spiritual relazation, yoga or cleansing.


It’s a luxury and entertaining district which is the largest in Japan. Known to have huge establishments including brands from all over the world. You may want to spend your time in an outdoor café during your weekends or shop around the famous stores like Cartier, Apple, Uniqlo, Adidas, or Sanyo.

You’ll get a handful of things to do anywhere in Tokyo, and a week visit isn’t really enough to get into the places it is most proud of. Above details for first time travellers are highlights of what Tokyo can provide to your trip. It has always been one of the dream countries of travellers because of the people, culture, interesting boutiques, and many unforgettable sceneries. Check Tokyo Travel Guide and Offline City Map Support to remind yourself of our quick tips for Tokyo travellers!