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First time in Hong Kong?

First time in Hong Kong?

It is a one of a kind place known as the shopping paradise of Asia. You wouldn’t want to miss its outstanding nightlife, international cuisine, and a number of festivals. Some travelers try Hong Kong first to explore their being as a jetsetter. But take note, it’s one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. So expect cozy restaurants and hotels around. Check out our Hong Kong Travel Guide and Offline City Map Support to know more about this well-known urbanized country and be surprised that there’s really a lot to explore here!

Enjoy Hong Kong Beautiful Skyline
Enjoy Hong Kong Beautiful Skyline

Here are our top 5 things-to-do:

Clock Tower

A 44-meters gigantic old Clock Tower built in 1915 as part of Kowloon-Canton Railway.It has served as a memorable infrastructure, located near Victoria Harbour. It is formed with red bricks and granite where the top of the tower can be reached by a wooden staircase.

Temple Street

If you are fond of visiting markets, well, this is Hong Kong’s busiest place to visit at night. A usual crowded market yet it is where you’d find stalls with various affordable merchandise, clothing, gadgets etc., It is a good place to load up cheap Chinese jewelries, bags, and more souvenirs.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Bauhinia is considered as the emblem of the country, and is an open area in Wan Chai.In history, this place is a landmark made to commemorate the handing over of Hong Kong to China from British rule. Now, it is one of the main tourist attractions where you can also witness the daily flag raising ceremony except on the first day of each month. A good place to take photos!

Victoria Peak

It is a mountain in the Western hald of Hong Kong Island. Riding the Peak Tram is the easiest way to get at The Peak. It offers a panoramicview of Hong Kong which is also makes it as one of its popular attractions.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This temple is a major tourist attraction dedicated to the Great Immortal Wong. Considered a home to three religions - Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. It was established in 1921, and is now a must place to visit by different travellers- it showcases it’s colorful surroundings and award-winning pavilions.

Wonders of Hong Kong. Travel to Hong Kong
Wonders of Hong Kong. Travel to Hong Kong

There are countless things to do in this country. This guide can help you experience a glimpse of what Hong Kong can offer. Visit eTips for more travel information!