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Hong Kong Disneyland: the Perfect Destination for Children and the Children at Heart

Hong Kong Disneyland: the Perfect Destination for Children and the Children at Heart

This whimsical wonderland on Lantau Island is a prized gem for fans of all ages, from anywhere and everywhere! From the new Star Wars makeover of Hyperspace Mountain to unique attractions like Mystic Manor that are found exclusively in Hong Kong Disneyland, the park is a dreamlike paradise that’ll send you on a nostalgic trip back to your favorite childhood shows. Download the Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Guide and Offline Map now.

1. Toy Story Land

This may seem like a no-brainer, but set out early and start queuing before the park opens! The relatively late opening time of 10am should give you ample time to get to the park’s entrance from whichever part of Hong Kong you’re staying at. We suggest arriving at least 45 minutes before the gates open, keeping in mind that you’ll have to first buy or collect your physical tickets in a separate queue.

2. Fantasy Gardens

Meeting the Disney characters is insanely popular in Hong Kong Disneyland. After all, how often do you get to take a photo with your childhood TV heroes? The most reliable place for character meet-and-greets is the Fantasy Gardens, a picturesque lawn with meandering paths leading to gazebos where your favorite characters will be waiting for a photograph.

3. Watch the Incredible Shows and Parades

From the daily Flights of the Fantasy Parade to Mickey’s PhilharMagic and the dazzling “Disney In The Stars” Fireworks, chances are that you won’t be able to cover every single show in Hong Kong Disneyland. As such, plan ahead and pick the ones that you’re most interested in!

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Hong Kong Outstanding Facts

Travel to Hog Kong  

  1. With 8,000 buildings having more than 14 floors, Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world, amost double that of New York.
  2. Hong Kong's population skies to 7,188 millions.
  3. In Hong Kong exists 2 types of public holidays Statutory holidays: 12 and General holidays: 17
  4. Hong Kong has 5 amusement parks, Including Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean park, which are the largest ones that you can find in this category.
  5. Hong Kong is comprising of 24 country parksand and approximately 3/4 of it is rural.
  6. Hong Kong is home of the first cable funicular in Asia, The Peak Tram. It was built in 1888 and remains one of the oldest cable railroads in the world

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