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Reasons to Visit the World’s Most Famous Park, Central Park in New York

Reasons to Visit the World’s Most Famous Park, Central Park in New York

Central Park is packed with amazing features and it's truly no wonder why it's one of the most famous and most renowned parks in the world. Central Park comprises 843 acres of rolling meadows, boulder-studded outcroppings, elm-lined walkways, manicured European-style gardens, a lake and reservoir—not to mention an outdoor theater, a memorial to John Lennon, an idyllic waterside eatery and a famous statue of Alice in Wonderland. Download the Central Park Travel Guide and Offline Map to plan your next picnic at this wondrous green space.

1. Central Park Zoo

This compact zoo within Central Park is just small enough for a short, hour or two visit, but just large enough that everyone will seriously enjoy the exhibits. The children’s zoo, included with your admission, is hands-on and oh-so-fun, while the red panda exhibit will draw out every adorable “ahhh” from your vocabulary. this small zoo is home to penguins, snow leopards and lemurs. Feeding times in the sea lion and penguin tanks make for a rowdy spectacle.

2. Take a Stroll

It may seem obvious, but one of the best things to do while visiting Central Park is to just stroll through the beautiful grounds. With over 58 miles of trails, plenty of open spaces, stunning vegetation, animal encounters, rocks to climb, and sights to see, taking a walk through Central Park is the epitome of a New Yorker’s park experience. Be sure to wear comfy shoes, dress in layers, and plan on tackling one section of the park at a time.

3. Loeb Boathouse

Enjoy the park from the waterfront with rowboats (or gondolas) on the lake at the Loeb Boathouse, open spring through fall. This perfect warm-weather activity is a photo-op jackpot, so be sure to dress the kiddos in cute clothes. Loeb Boathouse also has a restaurant for one of the most idyllic settings for a meal in Central Park. Don't forget to try out their crab cakes--we hear they're exceptional!

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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Versailles Palace, the Home of French Royalty

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Versailles Palace, the Home of French Royalty

If you think France can't get any more romantic and scenic then you have got to visit Versailles Palace. Not only is the palace located in Versailles a picturesque site filled with outstanding artworks and architecture, but it also holds five centuries of history. What used to be home to the French royals until the French Revolution dates back to the 11th century. Today, It is now open as a museum and is a very popular tourist attraction. Set forth to the beautiful château with the Versailles Palace Travel Guide and Offline Map.

1.     The Grand Palace

The Palace has been listed for 30 years as a World Heritage and is considered one of the greatest achievements in French 17th century art. What used to be Louis XIII's old hunting pavilion was transformed and continued to be embellished by France's succeeding kings. Starting from his son, Louis XIV, who installed the Court and government within the pavilion in 1682. At present, the palace contains 2,300 rooms and its area expands to up to 63,154 square meters.

Versailles Palace travel guide for iPhone and iPad

2.      The Estate of Trianon

When the Royals needed a break from the prying eyes and ears of the public they sought refuge in the Estate Trianon. Although its construction began under Louis XIV, it's more famously for Queen Marie-Antoinette. She was known to regularly visit the Petit Trianon, where she had beautifully landscaped gardens commissioned creating a rustic atmosphere for intimate moments. Here you'll be able to see many of the estate's architectural gems.

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3.     The Royal Stables

Construction of the Great and Small stables was built under Louis XIV rule and is considered the greatest royal construction project for housing horses ever. Situated across the Palace, both stable stand at the edge of Place d’Armes. The placement and size of the Royal Stables is a testament to the importance of horses in the Ancien Régime.


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What to See at the Palace of Versailles, Home of French Royalty

What to See at the Palace of Versailles, Home of French Royalty

The royal palace of Versailles with its expansive gardens and massively intricate architecture is considered one of, if not the most, famous attractions in the Île-de-France region of France. Built by King Louis XIV, it has been home to three generations of French kings and queens from 1682 until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1798. As a result, each monarch was able to add new additions to the palace estate making even grander and majestic than it originally was. There is a lot see at here as the entire estate is 2,014 acres and so it's best to plan ahead. Be sure to download the Palace of Versailles Travel Guide and Offline Map to help you to maximize your trip.

1.      Estate of Trianon

Thies intimate estate is famously associated with Queen Marie-Antoinette and thus fondly called the Marie-Antoinette estate. Construction of the estate started under King Louis XIV. It was once called the "Marble Trianon" for the unique pink marbles panels that adorned the palace's facades. Marie-Antoinette is known to seek refuge and spent most of her time away from the prying eyes of the royal court in the marvelous rustic-style cottages of the Trianon. The cottages are surrounded by marvelous gardens with ornate geometric flowerbeds and tens of thousands of flowers.

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2.      Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is the most prominent feature at the Palace of Versailles. It was originally built as a terrace that stood between the King and Queen's bedchambers. The open-air terrace overlooking the gardens was soon remodeled due to being exposed to bad weather. When the hall was finished it served as a passageway and waiting area to impress his guests. The Treaty of Versailles, which officially brought the First World War to an end, was signed here in the Hall of Mirrors on June 28, 1919.

Versailles Travel Guide for iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch

3.      Leto’s Fountain

The palace estate has eight majestic fountains that you can visit, but one of the notable ones is the Leto's Fountain. It was inspired by The Metamorphoses by Ovide. It illustrates the story of Leto, the mother of Apollo and Diana, protecting her children from the insults of the peasants of Lycia and pleading with Jupiter to avenge her. Jupiter agrees and turns the inhabitants of Lycia into frogs and lizards. The central marble pyramid depicts Leto and her children.

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The Ultimate American Experience in Washington DC!

The Ultimate American Experience in Washington DC!

Washington DC will surely share to you the best experience in monuments, museums local music and so much more! Washington DC is situated on the east coast of the USA along the banks of the Potomac River. The city has an area of just under 70 square miles. Washington was founded as the nation's capital in 1791 as soon as you land here you get a sense of the power history metropolis, that represents most visitors the start at the national mall to mild green strip off and referred to as the nation's front lawn.

Visit Washinton DC a monumental city
Visit Washinton DC a monumental city

Our Washington DC Travel Guide and Offline City Map Support will surely help you get to know this amazing place, and will provide some FYI before you get those feet in this exciting city!

Begin your tour of the mall at the zero milestones, the proposed reference point for distances on all US maps. To the north you'll see America's most famous residents the White House, and to the South stands the Washington Monument rising 555 feet as marble obelisk is the centerpiece of the nation.

All the US Capitol building on top of Capitol Hill is the nation seed of federal government rest a while by the reflecting pool surrounded by America's most iconic tributes to its heroes and founding fathers.

Abraham Lincoln majestic monument in Washington DC
Abraham Lincoln majestic monument in Washington DC

It's easy to let your mind wander back through the various chapters of America's history nestled in the trees is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial grave in its walls are the names of tens of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives in the battlefields of Vietnam. The nearby Lincoln memorial is where Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous “I have a dream” speech.

The mall is also a home to many of the nation's Smithsonian building. To learn more about this interesting collection of museum galleries, stop at the information center in the Smithsonian Institution building called the castle. Surely, you will enjoy the Smithsonian national air and space museum where you can let your imagination fly high on historic airplanes or spacecraft that can create your own headlines at the museum and interactive museum dedicated to the world of news media and the Botanic Garden of the Capitol building that offers an escape monuments or museums.

But the mall is not the only attraction in DC to explore the many attractions outside of the mall. The convenient capital Bike share system is available all over the city. In picture-perfect downtown neighborhoods such as Dupont circle, browse bookstores by day and try the cafes by night.

Another charming central suburb is Foggy Bottom, named after the fog that rises from the Potomac River. Here you'll find the Watergate Hotel and the Kennedy Center past Washington circle to get to Georgetown with its 18th century buildings.

It is the oldest district in DC and today, university students in a lively atmosphere Wisconsin Avenue & M Street offer many boutique stores and galleries.

Another family favorite is the International Spy Museum, a play undercover agent in an interactive game. Just across the river in neighboring Virginia is the Nation's most hallowed ground, Arlington National Cemetery, wander among rows of tombstones dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country- President John F. Kennedy's final resting place marked by an eternal flame is one of the most visited graves from Arlington House.

You can look back over DC and its surrounding. Washington has a lot more to walk in the political buildings stately monuments that is so famous and no matter how often you've seen these landmarks news or in movies nothing beats the real thing.

You will surely love this place and the wonderful experiences it can give you. If you want to learn more travel guides, just visit our eTips site! Then travel with knowledge and confidence!