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3 Reasons to Visit Granada, the Spanish City of Sweeping Views

3 Reasons to Visit Granada, the Spanish City of Sweeping Views

In the foothills of Sierra Nevada lies the revered city of Granada. The historical city southern Spain’s Andalusia region is esteemed for its grand medieval architecture dating back to the 13th-century Moorish occupation. As the last stronghold of the Moors in Western Europe, Granada is home to the famous Alhambra Palace. But beyond the grandiose architecture, you will enjoy a remarkable cuisine distinct from other famous Spanish cities like Barcelona and the neighboring Seville. Find out what makes Granada such an inspiration to celebrated writers and artists by downloading the Granada Travel Guide and Offline Map.

1.      The Alhambra Palace

If Agra has the Taj Mahal and Siem Reap has the Angkor Wat, Granada has the spectacular Alhambra Palace. Standing tall atop the entire hill of La Sabica it offers intricate designs, detailed mosaics, hand-carved cedar wood, and even serene orchards. Samuel Ha-Nagid, the Jewish grand vizier of one of Granada’s 11th-century Zirid sultans, initially built the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Nasrid emirs turned the area into a fortress-palace complex and housed royal families before the Catholic Monarchs took hold during the Reconquista in 1492.

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2.      St. John of God Basilica

The basilica dedicated to John of God, the Portuguese soldier who devoted his life to helping those who were less fortunate, is a glistening jewel of the Baroque period. And when we say glistening it indeed shines with gold and silver. It boasts a beautiful Baroque façade flanked by towers featuring slate capitals. Inside, you will discover opulent decorations that fill every inch of the Latin cross floor plan. The church chapel houses a solid silver urn that holds the relics of Saint John of God. Its interior is richly adorned with sculptures and images. The fresco paintings depict saints, angels, virtues, and episodes from the life of Saint John of God.

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3.      Junta de los Rios

Granada isn't just about spectacular palaces and grand temples; it also boasts breath taking natural wonders. Nestled in Otivar, Granada is a place of outstanding natural beauty with wonderful river pools and spectacular views. Making Junta de los Rios, which translates to "the joining of the rivers", a great excursion for the more adventurous. Junta de los Rios with there the rivers Rio Verde and Rio Negro converge to form waterfalls and crystal, clear pools where you can take a dip and take a break from the warm Granada weather. Until recently, only a handful of people visited for climbing and canyoneering.

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4 Epic Reasons to Visit Chicago, the Windy City

4 Epic Reasons to Visit Chicago, the Windy City

If you’re planning a vacation on the Land of the Free then you should definitely consider a visit to Chicago. Chicago is one of North America’s most unique and beautiful big cities with its perfect combination of art, culture, and history. Below are some of the reasons why Chicago is such a popular tourist destination. And if you do decide to make the trip, make sure you have a Chicago Travel Guide and Offline City Map & Metro on the ready. Willis Tower

The Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) is the tallest building in the United States with a dizzying height of 1,450 ft. Designed by Chicago firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the tower is made unique by its lack of interior supports. It instead uses nine exterior frame tubes to maintain its structural integrity. The Skydeck in the 103rd floor allows for a 360-degree view of the city. The Skydeck also connects to the Ledge, an arrangement of enclosed glass boxes that allow you to view straight down to the ground.

Field Museum

The Field Museum, named after its first major benefactor Marshall Field, is a massive museum built to display items from the World’s Columbian Exposition. Today, it houses a plethora of treasures, fossils, and artifacts. It also offers a wide variety of interactive exhibits. The unique insight into global cultures and environments past and present makes it one of the best museums in the United States.

Navy Pier

The Navy Pier, a former military and freight terminal, has undergone numerous renovations to become a center of recreation filled to the brim with various attractions for both kids and adults. Today, it has become the most visited attraction in Chicago, drawing over eight million people every year. It also offers spectacular views of the city.

Let's have fun at Chicago Navy Pier
Let's have fun at Chicago Navy Pier

Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is the second most popular attraction in Chicago. It is also one of the oldest zoos in the US and one of the few that still offer free admission. This small park was built in 1868 with just a couple of swans. Now it is home to a wide variety of animals and has even become one of the leaders in ape research.

Visit nature in Chicago!
Visit nature in Chicago!

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