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Seoul, South Korea’s Economic Powerhouse

Seoul, South Korea’s Economic Powerhouse

Seoul can be considered the soul of South Korea’s economy. It houses several of the world’s largest corporations such as Samsung Electronics, LG, Kia and Hyundai Motors. With a population of over 25 million, this city is perpetually busy. Below are some of the reasons that make Seoul an amazing tourist destination. You can check this Seoul Travel Guide and Offline City Map & Metro for more information as well.

Amazing Food

Korean cuisine offers a unique and amazing experience. Seoul’s most famous dish is its Korean Barbecue. It involves fresh cuts of pork or beef that is grilled right at the center of your table. An order comes with unlimited portions of side dishes that typically include fresh vegetables, soups, sauces, and a variety of condiments. Most Korean dishes also come with Kimchi – spicy fermented cabbage. Ingredients are mostly locally grown. A variety of other iconic Korean dishes are served in the city. Just remember that almost all Korean dishes are in the spicy side.

Korean Food

Fascinating Culture

South Korean culture is extraordinary, particularly how deeply respect is valued. Instead of a handshake, Koreans give a proper bow to greet someone, even a stranger. They also give and accept things using both hands to show sincerity and politeness. Koreans are also quite cheerful but become extremely dedicated and focused when at work.

Thriving Nightlife

Seoul is a city that never sleeps with a hectic nightlife. A night of fun in Seoul often involves drinking Soju – Korean rice wine. Soju is in fact the most popular liquor in the world selling more than 70 million cases in 2016. You can choose to relax and chill while drinking with friends, dance at a nightclub, or rent a karaoke booth. Gangnam, Itaewon, and Hongdae are the city’s premier entertainment districts where almost all establishments remain open until sunrise.

Seoul Nightlife

Tech-savvy Innovations

Korea seems a few years ahead in technology compared to the rest of the world, and Seoul is its most technologically advanced city. Streets remain bright throughout the night thanks to an overabundance of neon lights that even Vegas can’t compare with. Almost every building has a huge LED flat screen mounted on the wall. Various electronic gadgets are sold everywhere. And the speed and availability of its Wi-Fi is unmatched by any other city in the world.

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The Art of Meriggiare: How to Leisurely Travel Rome in One Day

The Art of Meriggiare: How to Leisurely Travel Rome in One Day

If there is one person who knows the right way to see Rome, it’s Italian poet Eugenio Montale. In his famous work, Meriggiare, he talks about spending the day in deliberate languidness - observing the cracks on the pavement and watching the ants march in a single file - and the pleasure derived from doing it.

Meriggiare means “to pass the hottest hours of the day in a shady outdoor place.” It has no direct translation in English, but if it did, it would simply mean “the best way to enjoy Rome,” which is to say purposefully unhurried.

Even if you’re only in Rome for a layover, all you have to do is download the Rome Travel Guide and Offline City Map find a cozy café using its offline maps, order an espresso, and check out eTips suggestions on how to travel in Rome based on the art of meriggiare.

Take A Walk

Rome is notorious for its bad traffic. In fact, it’s widely recognized as one of the worst places to drive in the world. So, if you only have a few hours to spare in the city, forget about traveling by car.

There is no better way to see Rome than by foot. Take a stroll in the alleys of the Jewish Ghetto,

the oldest Jewish community in Europe, and indulge in the community’s historic and picturesque charms.

One of the ghetto’s must-see attractions is Bocca della Verità or the Mouth of Truth located in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedia. Legend has it that it was used in ancient times as a lie detector during trials.

The way it works is that the accused will place his hand inside the mouth. If he’s telling the truth, he gets to keep his hand. If he lies, the Mouth of Truth will punish him by biting off his hand.

You’ll probably recognize the Mouth of Truth from Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s film Roman Holiday.

Rome best places to visit
Rome best places to visit

Visit A Local Market. But first, a grattachecca.

As Anthony Bourdain would tell you, if you want to know a city, you have to visit its local market.

Found just south of Piazza Navona, Campo de'Fiori is known as one of the best open-air markets in Rome. It has everything from fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, flowers, even tableware. There are also stalls that hawk unique souvenir items.

But the highlight of any market are the food stalls. Snack on some porchetta, pizza al taglio, deep fried cod, supplì, and even a cone or two of gelato for a pre-pub hopping fill, before Campo de’Fiori transforms from midday market to an open-air pub at night.

But first, get yourself a refreshing glass of grattachecca, a dessert made from shaved ice, syrup, and fruit toppings, to start your day.

Don't miss Rome amazing markets
Don't miss Rome amazing markets

Nightcap at Trastevere

Trastevere translates to “across the Tiber” is a laidback neighborhood which seamlessly combines Rome’s medieval past and bohemian present.

Indulge in its hipster neighborhood vibe while getting a bite from a trattoria or sipping on wine in an outdoor cafe.

You can start your day with a walk through Trastevere’s winding cobblestone streets. Get your aperitivo on while admiring the well-preserved Medieval architecture, before heading to Piazza Santa Maria to do some people watching.