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Bruges, a City of Historic Medieval Feel

Bruges, a City of Historic Medieval Feel

Bruges offers one of the most unique experiences in Europe and listed below are some of the reasons why. Before visiting the city, make sure you have your trusty Bruges Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.

Like Living in a Fairytale

Bruges looks and feels out of this world, like a place out of a Disney storybook mainly because most of the city has remained unchanged through the centuries. It still has its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and swirling canals. Many of the buildings have also remained the same, still sporting architecture from hundreds of years ago. The city being fairly small also means you can do all your exploration on foot.

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Captivating Canals

Bruges’ fascinating winding canals earned it the nickname of “Venice of the North”. The waterways also make exploring the city through canal boat rides. Many boat operators are also quite knowledgeable Bruges’ history so they can teach you a lot during the boat ride. Just keep in mind that canal boat riding is a favorite activity of tourists visiting the city so it is better to go on one in the morning to avoid long queues.

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Tasty Chocolate

Bruges has numerous chocolate shops and all of them sell high quality, authentic chocolate. Many of them also use their own original recipes so their chocolates cannot be found anywhere else. Some even offer sample boxes for tourists who want to have a free taste. The most famous chocolate box is probably the one sold by Chocolatier Dumon.

Different Beers

Beer is a mainstay of life in Bruges. Aside from beerhouses, almost all restaurants and eateries also serve and extensive assortment of beers. One of the city’s most infamous booze is the Pauwel Kwak which is served in a tall, funnel-like cup and is known for its unique crisp taste. If you want to visit just one beerhouse, the 2be makes a great choice since it has one of the largest collections of beers in the city.

Calm Atmosphere

Unlike most European cities that are noisy and fast paced, Bruges is serene and calm. Most of the activity is on the town square. The rest of the city is as laid back as most rural towns. Bikes and walking are the main modes of transportation and most establishments close early.

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