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Bogotá, the Next Buenos Aires

Bogotá, the Next Buenos Aires

Bogotá is the ‘Next Big Thing’ when it comes to tourist destinations in Colombia. In fact, a lot of people are already calling it the next Buenos Aires. Here are three powerful reasons why you should consider Bogotá as your next destination. And to make sure you make the most out of your vacation, download the Bogotá Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.

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Lots of Rich People

Having plenty of rich people in the locality has certain advantages for tourists. For one, more high-end activities become available, at a cost significantly lower compared to home. There are also more modern establishments such as huge shopping malls. You also get to enjoy the availability of current gen gadgets on stores as well as the services of modern innovations such as Wi-Fi.

Unpopular to Tourists

The Colombian national brand has a bad reputation internationally mainly due to the country’s image of having a huge drug cartel problem. And as Columbia’s capital, Bogotá is often viewed by tourists as the most dangerous. The truth is, Bogotá has turned things around in the past several years. It is now a lot safer compared to the other major cities in the country. Its lack of popularity is a huge advantage for the few tourists who visit it. They get to enjoy low prices and don’t have to line up to get the best amenities. And since they don’t get many tourists, the establishments you visit will treat you like kings.

Complex and Exciting

Bogotá is a complicated and unpredictable city. It is a place where the old and the new mix together. Its colonial core, Candelaria, is its most famous area. Candelaria houses the city’s largest museums and oldest and largest churches as well as its largest restaurants and tourist shops. Candelaria has enough attractions to keep you entertained for days. You might also be surprised at how modern the city’s infrastructure is. The past two mayors of the city has placed statewide development and renewal as the top priority.

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