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Chic and modern, this travel blog shows you the beautiful things of Vienna in a gorgeous and fashonable way. Vienna continues to surprise me pleasantly although I should admit that the architecture of the houses left and right to that street was not exaclty to my liking and it was a little photography challenge to snap the blossoming trees while avoiding the buildings.


Walking through Vienna is a bit like walking into the pages of a fairytale, as a horse and carriage trots past one ornate palace after another. The Austrian capital is bursting with Imperial history and Baroque architecture, with a musical accompaniment by Mozart and Strauss.


Vienna is the perfect complement to itself. It is a stately, grand, and serious-looking city, full of right angles and spotless streets, which brings a kind of relaxation in itself for those of us who are rigidly type A.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of many classical composers who have helped make Vienna a “City of Music.” Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler also worked in the Austrian capital.


Demel is a famous pastry shop and chocolaterie in Vienna, Austria. The building is near the Hofburg Palace, and the interior was designed by Portois and Fix in a baroque style.


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