Madrid, Spain’s capital city is one of the few European cities where the sun is out for more than 300 days a year. Being a nice combination of cosmopolitan and modern city, it still preserves its traditions and culture. With that sunny weather, the culture, and the architecture, this charming city forms a picturesque background for amazing city strolls and sightseeing escapades.


The typical “madrileño” enjoy life by being outdoors, drinking “cañas” and having “tapas” and as a result, the street life is vibrant and energetic much like many other Spanish cities. Madrid may be famous for its football clubs such the Real Madrid or “ the Atleti”, but it has way more to offer to visitors.

While going off the touristy paths might lead you to a hidden gem regarding sightseeing, taking a panoramic Madrid guided tour is the best way of experiencing the most and best of Madrid.

Whether you are traveling alone, with family, or as a group of friends, you are bound to be mesmerized by the cities baroque palaces, elegant streets, famed museums, and breathtaking landscapes.

Madrid is lined with numerous squares, the busiest and most famous of which is the Puerta del Sol, which also doubles up as the starting point of numerous Spanish roads. This square also sits the clock whose bells mark the start of a new year as well as the eating of the Twelve Grapes, a local tradition.

A stroll away is the Plaza Mayor featuring fancy and grand archways and historical buildings that will awe you, and further still is the Plaza de Cibeles with its charming fountains and marble structures.

And it doesn’t end with the squares!

Madrid is home to its own Royal Palace (with a guided tour), the Royal Theatre, the Cibeles Palace, and the National Library Building, all with breathtaking architectural designs going back thousands of years and reminiscent of medieval time.

Souvenir lovers and shopaholics will fall in love with Gran Via and Salamanca District which are the most touristy and upscale sections of Madrid. The two are a haven for shopping enthusiasts. Even with the majestic buildings and charming culture, there comes a time when you need to relax while you take in the sights and sounds.

The Buen Retiro Park, a premier Madrid landmark forms the ideal atmosphere for a retreat complete with a picnic and boat ride!


Art lovers are not forgotten either as the city of Madrid plays host to some of the most renowned museums the world over. From the Museo del Prado to the Thyssen Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum. These museums are home to fine artworks from the greatest artists of all times including Picasso, Miro, Rubens, and Goya.

As for foodies, cocido and calamari sandwich are Madrid’s traditional cuisine, and every corner has a restaurant to tickle your taste buds. You can even take a guided historical tour complete with food tasting and dinner!

In essence, Madrid seems to have stuck in the past as tradition here has held on with few changes: a hold that assures you an authentic Spanish experience.