Greece may be suffering from financial turmoil right now but this does not change the fact that it is still a wonderful tourist destination, especially its capital city, Athens. In fact, locals are now more welcoming to tourists than ever. Here are a few reasons to go to visit Athens. And don’t forget to download the Athens Travel Guide and Offline City Street Map beforehand.

National Archaeological Museum

Many consider Athens as the birthplace of modern Western civilization. The city houses a treasure throve of ancient artifacts and you can find a huge portion of them in the largest archeological museum in Greece aptly named the National Archaeological Museum. It is the most visited museum in the country and is considered one of the most important museums in the world when it comes to ancient Greek art. It holds enough interesting relics of antiquity to interest both adults and kids. Other museums in Athens include:

·         New Acropolis Museum

·         Agora Museum

·         Museum of Cycladic Art

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Lykavittos Hill

The top of Lykavittos Hill offers the best complete view of the whole city from the Acropolis to the Port of Piraeus to the Peloponnese. Bask in the unforgettable scenery as you take the hour-long leisurely walk to the top. Alternatively, you can take the funicular railway from the top of Ploutarchou Street in Kolonaki for a fast and easy route to the summit. Once you get there, hit up one of the cafés and have a drink and a taste of the exquisite souvlaki wrap. You can also visit the small chapel of St George. The highlight, though, will likely be the spectacular sunset. Watch as darkness creeps over the city and the lights start to turn on.


The Acropolis is a towering structure built during the Classical period of Ancient Greece. It serves as the reflection of that era’s architecture. The Acropolis is located high up a plateaued rock, allowing for a jaw dropping panoramic view of the entire city. Hundreds of tourists visit this structural marvel each day.

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