Venice, Italy is one of the top destinations in the world that couples want to visit as it is considered the most romantic city on earth. This, however, does not mean that it appeals only to people who are in love. Before visiting the place, be sure to visit Venice Travel Guide and Offline City Map Support Below are four reasons why you should visit Venice even if you are single.

1. The Restaurants

Venice is quite popular with tourists and so most of the restaurants near the known tourist spots have started catering more to foreigners. Cuisine from various countries can be found in these establishments, giving you a chance to taste various foreign dishes. If you prefer tasting local cuisine, just go to parts of the city with few tourists. Restaurants in these areas are frequented mostly by locals so their foods remain unchanged by the booming tourism.

Venice Restaurantes by the canal
Venice Restaurantes by the canal

2. The Markets

The markets are a great way to explore the rich culture and traditions not only of Venice but the whole of Italy. Goods from all over the country can be found here. The vendors and friendly and cheerful and will happily tell you about the history of any item you ask about. The shops and stalls are vibrant and colorful and will certainly make your shopping a very pleasant experience.

3. The Alleys

Venice has so many attractions just thinking where to look can be quite overwhelming. The best way to truly appreciate the beauty of the city is to simply get lost. Just keep walking around wherever your feet take you all the while paying a close look at each alley, bridge, and canal. This method of exploration is also cheap as you don’t need to buy tickets or get a taxi. When you finally decide to go back to your hotel just ask the friendly locals for directions.

Colourful Venice alleys
Colourful Venice alleys

4. The Traditions

The Ghetto is the part of town where you can experience real genuine Venice culture and traditions. The Ghetto is a small part of town that is somewhat isolated from the rest of the city. It is barely affected by the ever growing tourism industry and you can observe the locals go about their daily lives as always have.

These are a few of the lesser known reasons that make Venice a great tourist destination. You can learn of the primary reasons people visit Venice at eTips.