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I love old places. I love hearing the stories about days gone by. I love imagining them in their glory. Havana is a great city for this. We spent twenty-four hours in this beautiful city while on our recent trip to Varadero. The resort was fun, but we needed to experience some real culture.

Cuba Absolutely

Latinos have a different concept of personal space and Cubans, as is their wont, take it to an extreme. Men embrace and greet each other with kisses of the cheek, female friends walk hand in hand, and my best salsa partners have been girlfriends.

One Step 4 Ward

My hotel was a little out of town, so we took a cab into the main square and met outside the Hotel Inglaterre for one pm. The (cute) guide was waiting for us as soon as we arrived. Aniika, a twenty-something Cuba with perfect English introduced herself and walked us over to our sexy ride for the next next hour and a half.

5 Hot Spots in Havana

Old Havana is the city-center and one of the 15 municipalities forming Havana, Cuba, it has the second highest population density in the city and contains the core of the original city of Havana.