We are excited to announce we are into the final steps to release Trip Guider, that's our latest approach into delivering users a flexible and customizable way of real mobile experience when traveling. Trip Guider is coming!


Each week we are adding more destinations, from large cities to small hidden towns.

100% Offline

No roaming costs when abroad!, no extra charges, that's important for you and us as well. Don´t worry, full access inside the app. No internet needed.

Public Transportation

Want to go from A to B?, which route shall you take?. Simply select your origin and destination, and let the app do all the calculations!

Augmented Reality

What's that strange building?. Where is monument X?. What's behind that building?. Enhance what you see in real life, boost your visual experience, don´t miss anything, you deserve it.

Offline Maps

No more connections problems, nor roaming costs, all map info in your hand.

Multi Language

You are a tourist, but you want to deal into your own language, we understand that feeling, no worries, all our content is translated into 11 languages.


You begin enjoying your trip before traveling, and that's planning. Tag and group your favorites places according your trip preferences.

Fits every pocket

You want it all?, you want just a small town map?, you want augmented reality and metro planning?, we offer free content and easily customizable content, we have a plan for your need.

For any comments just drop us a line!.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!